What is Enterpise Architect?

Enterprise Architect is a graphical, multi-user tool designed to help your teams build robust, easy-to-maintain systems. Using high-quality, integrated reporting and documentation, you can provide a truly shared view easily and accurately.

With integrated requirements management capabilities, Enterprise Architect helps you track high-level specifications for analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance models using UML, SysML, BPMN, and other open standards.

Enterprise Architect adapts to your needs

The user base ranges from programmers and business analysts to enterprise architects. For organizations ranging from small development companies, multinational corporations and government organizations to international industry standards bodies.

We are the only partners of Sparx Systems (Australia) in Colombia: Licensing – Training – Consulting.

Information modeling

Enterprise Architect helps individuals, groups and large organizations model and manage complex information. By integrating and connecting a wide range of structural and behavioral information in visual form, you can build a coherent, verifiable model of what is or what will be.

Tools built into Enterprise Architect that help you manage complexity include:

  • Diagrams for modeling strategic and enterprise-level concepts

  • Domain-specific profiles and reusable model patterns

  • Role-based security to help the right people contribute in the right way

  • Baseline and version management to track and integrate changes

More than a tool

Along with system modeling, Enterprise Architect covers the core aspects of the application development lifecycle, from requirements management through the design, build, test and maintenance phases, with support for traceability, project management and change control of these processes.

Business Systems and I.T.

Data processing and give rise to more elaborated information. The implementation of information systems in a company, offer the possibility of obtaining great advantages, increase the organizational capacity of the company, and in this way implement more competitive processes.

Software and Systems Engineering

Creation, maintenance and evaluation of technological programs that can be applied to solve or improve situations.

Real-time and integrated development

Use Enterprise Architect as a development environment for a complete team in real time!

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